That Maker Show Ep. 8


Hello World, and welcome to That Maker Show with me, chalkers, your host to all things new in the maker movement.

This week we’re talking about flying drones with a first person view, Raspberry Pi clones, DIY light painting and an awesome kickstarter project.

FPV Drones

Over on Mats Krüger Svensson’s github profile there’s the source code and plans on how to use an Oculus Rift to give yourself a first person view when flying a drone.

There’s information on the hardware you’ll need and a two page abstract for the project for you to chew over.

Banana Pi

Love the Raspberry Pi but want a little more power? How about the Banana Pi by Lemaker. This unofficial souped-up clone supports Android 4.4, Debian, Ubuntu and a modified Raspbian operating system. It has a dual-core ARM Cortex A7 processor, 1 GB RAM, an IR Receiver, microphone and even a SATA port for full blown hard drives. Of course it has the usual SD card slot.

After shipping it’ll have cost you around 74 bucks to get one in your hands. If you need a more powerful Pi then this maybe for you. You should also check out Kano’s first look review of Banana Pi where they compare the speed and compatibility to the trusty Raspberry Pi.

What’s that in your eyes?

Adafruit released an updated MiniPOV or Mini Persistence-of-Vision project recently. It’s a fun project that is designed to get you comfortable soldering and you get a cool light painting toy at the end. You can program it via USB using the Processing platform to update the patterns you can light paint. It’s also Arduino compatible, I mean what isn’t nowadays and can be customised to your heart’s content.

Kickstarter of the Week

This week’s awesome kickstarter project is The Micro, an auto leveling, easy to use, cheap 3D Printer.

We had Pirate3D’s Buccaneer last year, now, it’s M3D’s turn. They claim it works straight out of the box, just plug it in, download a model and print. It sports a seamless design and power efficient electronics. Take a look at their Kickstarter project for further details but it looks like this could be a winner for those new to 3D printing.


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