That Maker Show Ep. 18


Hello World, and welcome to That Maker Show with me, chalkers, your host to all things new in the maker movement.

This week we’re talking about a new Raspberry Pi, Johnny Five Robots and an awesome Kickstarter project.

Raspberry Pi B+

Monday saw the release of the Raspberry Pi model B+. Described as not ““Raspberry Pi 2″, but rather the final evolution of the original Raspberry Pi.”

It sports 40 GPIO pings, 2 more USB ports, push-push micro SD socket, lower power consumption, better auto and a neater form factor with four squarely-placed mounting holes; all for the same price!

Most resellers had them for launch and they’re still in stock in most places. Ladyada did a full breakdown of improvements, changes and gotchas.

Johnny Five

James of XRobots gave an update on his half size Johnny Five project. James was waiting for J5GURU and team to release the Johnny Five Robot CAD files, which has happened in the last month. Terry, the J5GURU, on his YouTube Channel goes over the history of the project, some awesome 3D printing tips and the current state of the project.

You can get access to the CAD files by emailing Terry. Details are on his Facebook page and on his videos.

Kickstarter of the Week

This week’s awesome Kickstarter project is BiscuitBoard.

BiscuitBoard is a solderless prototyping board. The main idea of the board is that you can make prototypes a lot faster with out the need of soldering.

You simply push the electronic components and wiring through and cut off the excess on the other side of the through-hole.

To illustrate how strong the grip on the components are, they show a wire in the Biscuit board lift a 500ml bottle of liquid. Awesome!

So if you want to rapidly create prototypes after you’ve nailed your breadboarded project, maybe the BiscuitBoard is for you!


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