That Maker Show Ep. 13


Hello World, and welcome to That Maker Show with me, chalkers, your host to all things new in the maker movement.

This week we’re talking about stargazing smart phones, lunar phase clock, Kinect 2 and an awesome kickstarter project.

It’s Full of Stars

Over on Adafruit’s learning system there’s a 3D print project to mount a Celestron FirstScope telescope to a regular camera tripod to give it that extra height. Also in the project there’s an 3D printable adapter to mount your cell phone to the telescope so you can take epic space pictures!

Lunar Phase Clock

Keeping with the space theme, over on Instructables there’s a project on how to create your own clock that tells the phases of the moon.

It’s a project’s brains is a Raspberry Pi and look’s pretty fun for all you lunatics out there.

Kinect 2.0

Microsoft have announced the pre order phase for the Kinect 2 for Windows. The original Kinect 2 bundled with the Xbox One had a proprietary adaptor which prevented hackers and makers from using it like the original Kinect that was sold seperately for the Xbox 360.

Pre-orders ship in July, with a beta SDK. Stock is limited and once they’ve ran out the next batch will be available for general release later in the year.

I’m excited to see what makers can do with this version!

Kickstarter of the Week

This week’s awesome Kickstarter project is the PicassoBot.

The PicassoBot is a robotic arm drawbot kit. It is open source, Arduino compatible, and USB powered.

Kits start at $75 and looks really fun to play with and great project for geeky parents to work on with their kids.


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