My First Time on Adafruit's Show and Tell

Tonight was the last Saturday night Adafruit Industries Show and Tell. They’ll be moving over to Wednesday nights from now on.

I went on it to share my latest project, The Extremely Remote Controlled Car. This is where I take a $9 RC car from Walmart, wire it’s remote up to an Arduino, and control it over a serial port connection with Node.js. You can use your mouse and keyboard keys. But I’m not one to discriminate against other devices. You can use your browser on iOS devices or even a Nintendo Wii U Gamepad! It was a great experience and was a full packed show. Cats, robots and lizards!

LadyAda, Adafruit Industries’ founder Limor Fried, said it was one of the “best ever” shows. Judge for yourself below.

I think every Show and Tell is the best ever because people are making stuff. It’s always an inspiration. After watching last week’s show I felt compelled to make my project.


I’ll be doing a full write up on how I made the Extremely Remote Controlled Car but until then the code is open source on GitHub.

The documentation should help you get up and running.

What would you control over serial with Node.js? Let me know in the comments below.